Laster Arrangementer
Dette event har allerede funnet sted.

Our daily life seems to be gone, but perhaps this is the moment to discover another daily
routine? Bergen based dance artist Yohei Hamada invites you to find your new morning routine
and start the day with his daily short dance video letters. Don’t panic, and take initiative of your
life. Even in an unprecedented situation, there might be a lot of seeds of your daily life sprouting
around you.
“A dance of the day» is a dance video letter series by Hamada, started in 2016 and made 15
videos by 2019. The series of daily dances are documented in video and are spontaneously shot.
Capturing moments of Hamada’s daily life, specifically when he senses a seed of dance, often a
subtle movement, a sound or a visual moment in his surroundings.

This Covid-19 version, starting on Monday March 30th, takes place every day for ten weeks,
until June 12th except week 20. Every morning, from Monday to Friday, at 9 am (UTC+2),
the video link and the password will be published online, and are valid for 24 hours. The video
will be shot, under the current regulation of coronavirus, the day before published.

You can receive the video letter on «Discussion» of this Facebook event
page(, on the Instagram
@dod_adanceoftheday ( Every Sunday
by 9 am, all the 5 videos from the week will become available without password as back
numbers on

Yohei Hamada is a Japanese dance artist based in Bergen since 2018, who performed “A Tail
Holder”, his first full evening show in Norway, at Cornerteateret during Frontlosjefestivalen 2020
in February. He is currently staying (or temporally stuck) in Belgium countryside with his family,
on the way to Japan, his home country. He had to change his mind and, now, he is seeing the
good moment to go back to Bergen, his current home.

Dance and creation: Yohei Hamada
Co-production: BIT teatergarasjen
Distributive cooperation: Brakkedans (initiated by Carte Blanche), Buto company
Supported by: Bergen Kommune